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June 19, 2011
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Choi Sung-Bong
Korea's Got Talent







Choi Sung-Bong
Korea’s Got Talent: Choi, Sung-bong
June 19, 2011 by Joan Saloomey

Every so often, life will insist upon reminding us all, of the profound grace and nobility of the human spirit. Often, this grace is put before us in the least ceremonial way, more like a surprise, like stumbling upon a perfect diamond glistening on a simple gray sidewalk.

Sometimes this grace comes in the form of an unimposing, humble young Korean boy of 22 whose name is Choi, Sung-bong.

What a gift to all of us to see, hear, and be elevated by such talent, courage, and soulful beauty. You are about to witness a miracle. Watching the video, I felt as if I were having some sort of altered experience, like viewing an angelic presence. Angel or not, he is special.

That beautiful sensitive face etched its gentle impression into my heart, and into the hearts of the panel of judges of the show: “Korea’s Got Talent”, as well as the entire studio audience, and I imagine the entire world audience of people fortunate enough to have seen Sung-bong perform.

After watching Sung-bong, listening to him sing, hearing his story, I was left with these thoughts. Our children are so blessed with warm loving homes, good educations and plenty to eat. And yet so many of us are discontent. I think our children should be shown this video. I think everyone needs to see this video. It is truly inspirational.

I am honored to have been asked to write an introduction.

We will be hearing from this young man. I am sure of it.

Joan Saloomey is an award winning printed textile designer and painter, and a budding Internet entrepreneur.  Joan and her sister Karen are the owners of Shopsicle, an upscale site for collectible home décor and state of the art accessories and gifts.  Joan and Karen also created Saloomey Editions to showcase Joan's work as a designer and painter. [Read More]


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